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We help people who learn differently

We aim to give adults 16+ with behavioural support needs, a better, brighter and more fulfilled life through practical and educational activities.

Our Story

A chance meeting between Neil Thorogood and Chris Winter in 1996 led to the formation of Care First with an initial summer break provision at North Birmingham College for adults with learning disabilities. Care First was offered an annual contract to provide a full-time provision, on campus, for over 60 students.

The Directors both came with a desire to give adults who learn differently and their carers:

  1. An alternative to the usual options
  2. A desire to help and improve lives
  3. A belief that better outcomes are possible

The provision delivered engaging, practical and easy to learn sessions that helped improve independence and wellbeing through life and social skills.  With student’s greater integration into the community and by providing increased life choices, Care First then opened new sites across the Midlands.


Following the success of Care First, we continue to deliver carefully designed, person centred, practical and life skills training contracted through Local Authorities and the NHS. The proven financial benefits of avoiding long term care, hospitalisation and keeping families together are easy to see. We continue to expand across the Midlands as Commissioners recognise these economic and social benefits.

Working with adults with learning difficulties/disabilities, behavioural support needs, mental health, autism, brain injuries, complex needs, and physical disabilities, Care First helps students to enjoy happier and more fulfilled lives.

Empowering people and improving lives is central to Care First’s mission. It’s not just about our student’s lives but the family’s lives too. The positive impact of greater family interaction and improved health and wellbeing are just some of the benefits derived from our provision.

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Care First has transformed the lives of many adults with challenging behaviour, learning difficulties/disabilities, mental health and autism.

Our Promise to You

Our holistic approach improves the individual’s quality of life and the lives of his or her family and carers. We are committed to providing services for people who learn differently or whose behaviour is perceived to be challenging.

Our Success Stories

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