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Who is it for?

Young Adults 16-25 with Learning Difficulties/Disabilities, Autism, Complex Needs who may be requiring a Transition Pathway leaving school or college and looking to join a Day Opportunity Provision. Our ‘Learning Development Hub’ can provide a Person-Centred approach around many different opportunities that have been Holistically Assessed by our experienced team of practitioners.


Since 1996, we’ve learnt that engaging, practical and varied education helps students live happier, calmer and more enjoyable lives.  This in turn helps to reduce carer’s stress and improve family life.

Fundamentally, a planned transition from child to adult services greatly assists the young adult to progress, achieving things they didn’t think possible.  Rather than a ‘leap of faith’ from school to adult life, an appropriate planned pathway is developed specifically for the student involving the school, the parents and most importantly the young adult.

As part of our person centred Transitions we are able to offer a pathway through School Holidays and up to 2 years prior to a individual leaving school or college.

Our approach

A tailored transition pathway is created with input from the young adult, their school, his/her carers, healthcare professionals and Skills Tank specialists. The pathway will cater for the individual’s needs, minimise the disruption to their daily routine and reduce the pressures at home.

By completing and returning the referral form, we can then assess the young adult’s needs and start to prepare a holistic assessment. This will include a number of Taster Sessions in order to ascertain the level of needs required. Click here to request your transition referral pack.

Following successful Taster Sessions, a transitions pathway can be created consisting of a number of days per week over several weeks before the young adult leaves school. This helps reduce anxiety for both the student and the family and also assists Skills Tank to plan the resources required.

The Transition Pathway

This tailored pathway will consist of an increasing number of days at Skills Tank coupled with a reducing number of days at school. The pace of the transition will be person centred to ensure success. The transition days are chargeable.

To gain access to Skills Tank you may need the involvement of a social worker or community nurse allocated to the young adult, as they can make an application for funding on your behalf.  Alternatively, if you are in receipt of an individual budget or direct payments you can apply and pay directly.  With the reduction in places at colleges for further education, it is essential that families and carers plan well in advance for the transition from school to adult services.  The safety of our students and staff members is paramount and therefore numbers admitted into each provision has to be limited.

Learning opportunities for young adults
  • Gardening
  • Woodwork
  • Cooking
  • Car washing/valeting
  • Life skills
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Offsite sensory visits
  • Sport and recreation
  • Community visits

These practical activities will enhance:

  • Communication skills
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Team building
  • Confidence building
  • Social interaction
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Personal and social development

Community visits include:

  • Nature reserves/parks
  • Shops
  • Museums
  • Open days/events
  • Other places of local interest

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Care First delivers cost effective day opportunities to adults with learning disabilities and complex needs. In particular we specialise in behaviours that challenge.

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We are passionate about giving adults 16+ with learning disabilities/difficulties, behaviours that challenge, mental health, brain injuries and autism happier, calmer and more fulfilled lives.

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