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How do we help adults who learn differently?

The adult you care for will enjoy a wide variety of engaging and practical activities, and it is through these they will learn new skills, and maintain existing ones. Our programme ranges from communication sessions to community participation, and creative and cultural activities through to social skills and social enterprises.


We are passionate about giving adults 16+ with learning disabilities/difficulties, behaviours that challenge, mental health, brain injuries and autism happier, calmer and more fulfilled lives. All our staff share this passion as you’ll see if you choose to visit us.

Nora Gallagher, Brendan’s proud Mum says;

We never thought that ‘Skills Tank’ could provide so much change to a person who could not even be taken shopping, had no social skills, suffered from severely challenging behaviour and was totally socially excluded.

We are now able to take Brendan shopping on his own and in company without the difficulties that used to exclude him. He can’t wait to go out to ‘Skills Tank’ in the morning, he arrives home happy and pleased with himself, especially after sporting activities, and he’s very proud of his achievements.

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Support, Learning & Development

The learning and support from Care First has greatly helped Mr and Mrs Yaqoob. They kindly wrote to us saying;

Care First’s involvement in both our son’s lives has been very positive and the help and support you have provided us has been invaluable. Please would you pass these thanks on to all the staff within Signal One and Signal Two who have helped and supported our sons over the years. Thank you Care First for doing a wonderful job.

The skills are taught through various activities. For example, a cookery session where students would experiment with recipes, choose a particular dish for a cultural occasion and be encouraged to undertake the whole cooking experience. From choosing the recipe and costing and sourcing the ingredients, they create the whole dish. Students learn to work as a team, whilst improving their communication and social interaction too.

The learning process includes communication, making choices, community inclusion and health and safety awareness. Interacting in the community will teach students road safety awareness, social inclusion and help build confidence.

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Care First deliver cost effective day opportunities to adults with learning disabilities and complex needs. In particular we specialise in behaviours that challenge.

Skills Tank

Our key objective is to encourage the student to enjoy the learning process and grow in confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to develop at their own pace and feel comfortable whilst doing so.

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