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Our Team

Care First has transformed the lives of many adults with challenging behaviour, learning difficulties/disabilities, mental health and autism.

Meet the Team

Neil Thorogood

Chairman and
Finance Director

Neil founded Care First with Chris and Veronica Winter in 1996. He had previously set up a residential care home for adults with learning disabilities in the early 1990’s and through this saw the need to establish greater learning opportunities for adults with LD.

Meet the Team

Chris Winter


Chris provides strategic direction to the Group. Chris has worked within the Adult Social Care sector  for over 35 years, teaching in a Special School, working with children with Autism, Learning Disabilities and behaviours of concern, working with families and crisis teams for children at risk of abuse.

Meet the Team

Veronica Winter

Director of
Governance and Ethics

Veronica is involved in sourcing various learning materials and resources for across the Care First Hub and working with co-directors on the Quality of Provision that Care First provides and to ensure compliance within the partnerships Care First holds with Councils and CCG’s.

Management Team
  • Joel Winter – Operations Director Designate
  • Emily Hobday – Business Operations Manager
  • Jo Jeffs – Head of Health and Wellbeing
  • Monika Gonciarz – Head of Clinical Services
  • James Edwards – Head of HR

For over three decades, the Directors have utilised their extensive experience in providing education and development to adults with learning disabilities and difficulties. The social and economic benefits of the provision is well proven and both Local Authorities and the NHS recognise this. Since establishing Care First in 1996, the Directors have delivered significant cost benefits and savings to the NHS and improved the lives of countless families.

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About Care First

Empowering people and improving lives is central to Care First’s mission. It’s not just about our student’s lives but the family’s lives too.
Meet the Team
Meet the Team

Our Promise to You

Our holistic approach improves the individual’s quality of life and the lives of his or her family and carers. We are committed to providing services for people who learn differently or whose behaviour is perceived to be challenging.

Our Success Stories

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