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What we offer

All of our hubs offer learning and development opportunities where each student will have a 4 week initial assessment when starting the provision. This will then enable the hub manager and staff to work with the individual and family/carer. Targets and goals will be established be they short or long term. The individual will then have an LDP (Learning Development Plan) in place against which activities can be planned and staff allocated accordingly. The individual’s progress will be regularly recorded and reviewed so that a person-centred plan can be agreed.

How do we create brighter futures?

We embed personal, life and social skills, as well as health and hygiene skills into practical, fun and interactive learning opportunities, then deliver these to meet each individual’s needs.

These opportunities include cooking, sensory craft and design with elements of relaxation, sport and exercise as well as community-based activities. To complement these add in some communication skills and making sensible choices and then you start to see how we have helped adults 16+ since 1996 have brighter futures.

We believe, when you understand the person you can improve their self-esteem, belief and wellbeing and this helps to reduce tensions and frustrations which lead to calmer personas. This results in a brighter future and that is what we all desire.

Care First staff dedicate themselves to aiding all attendees to achieve their ambitions and potential, at a pace they are comfortable with, in a friendly, supportive, and fun environment. Some attendees, with assistance and if appropriate, can work towards an ‘award’ qualification.

Success Stories

We never thought that ‘Skills Tank’ could provide so much change to Brendan. He could not be taken shopping, had no social skills, suffered from severe behaviours that challenged and was entirely socially excluded.

We are now able to take Brendan shopping on his own and in a group without the difficulties that used to exclude him. He can’t wait to go out to ‘Skills Tank’ in the morning, he arrives home happy and pleased with himself, especially after sporting activities, and he’s very proud of his achievements.

Our Hubs

Care First aim to improve the quality of life for adults 16+ with learning difficulties/disabilities, autism, mental health and behaviours that concern through practical and vocational training. Please contact us to find out more on how we could help you and the adult you care for.

Our Success Stories

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