The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Events at Carefirst

The preceding week we will be holding the following events:

  • 1950’s Sports Day
  • Learn a dance from the 1950’s
  • Then & Now….. looking at the 1950’s and to see what’s changed
  • Explore the Commonwealth, their food, culture & history

Monday 30th May –

Bake off!

Tuesday 31st May –

AM – Music with a Jubilee Theme!

PM – Design your own medal competition

Wednesday 1st June –


This will take place either outdoor or indoor, dependent on the weather.

  • Hook a duck
  • Photo with Her Majesty The Queen cut out and photo booth props!
  • Egg & Spoon Race
  • Pin the Jewel on the Crown
  • Find the ball
  • Knock Down Tins
  • Ring Toss

All this followed by a Tea Party!

Reeves Street

Jay and the team at Reeves Street will be having a Jubilee Party and would love to invite you all.

The team will be having a Cake Sale,  games and sports, a dance production that the students and staff have put together and much more.

Sayer House

Pin the Diamond on the Crown

Handprinted Bunting

Printable Masks

Union Jack Rock painting

Tea Party with cucumber sandwiches/scones etc

Union Jack Mason Jars

Staff and students to wear white, red and blue on the 1st of June

Create your own crown

Jubilee Garden activities

Picture with our special guest.

Come and enjoy the fun!