Coffee and cake!

After a difficult year for Silica, we took part in one of our traditions that we couldn’t miss, albeit on a smaller scale.

At the start of last week, we began the process of organising Silica’s Coffee and Cake Afternoon. Everyone was very excited and this time the staff decided to take a back seat, leaving the learners to help with the organizing. The learners selected the event date and decided which cakes and sweet treats to be sold. They researched the recipes and the all important shopping for Hayley to collect.

On Thursday morning, feeling a little anxious yet excited to host the first gig with parents, the learners and the team just got on with it by decorating the cakes and the room. At 2.30pm a steady stream of parents and carers walked through the door with smiles on their faces, happy to be able to spend time with their family and other learners and looking forward to tasting some amazing cakes and a delicious cheesecake!

After talking to parents and getting very positive feedback the team felt at ease and are now looking forward to the hub returning back to how Silica once was.